Who doesn’t dream of a perfect house with all those perfect muted shade walls, creamy laced blinds, perfectly lighted with the furniture that suits style and personality? With thousands of interior designers to choose from, it is quite tedious to come to a conclusion on selecting a home staging stylist.Whether choosing styling for sale or personal satisfaction, it is necessary to find the perfect fit for a house staging stylist. Even after finding a skilled stylist there are chances that you might end up making these mistakes and end up on the worst note than you expected.

  • Lack of communication & barriers
  • No background check
  • Busy interior designer
  • No fixed budget
  • No contract
  • Lack of understanding between the stylist and you
  • Hiring on the basis of an interview
  • Lack of preparations in case of failure of the expected plan

Lack of communication can prove very grave to the whole project and lead to a misunderstanding which usually leaves the clients dissatisfied and unhappy with the output as it lacks the core element and theme what they desired to achieve. This can be simply avoided we you clearly make out what you require and like and similar put forward all these ideas to the designer for further actions. Now a lot of people fall in the trap of not checking the stylist’s portfolio about the past experiences and the projects undertaken.Obviously, it’s very tempting to check out a styling for sale who is either famous or has an irresistible interior portfolio filled with glam designs and projects. Unfortunately, these stylists are almost every time occupied and barely have time to focus on one project, hence preventing specific attention. It is always recommended to fix the monetary value required and inquire about the inclusion or exclusion of the furniture, delivery charges, stylist fees, taxes etc.No contracts can result in cheating by the stylists as nothing is officially documented and the stylist barely speaks for his own demands. Many people don’t listen to their home stylist about different home looks and ideas. There might be some ideas that are rejected by your stylists and might make you feel sort of annoyed, but it is advised to listen to them as they have an expertise in this group. Hence, trust the other person to share ideas that may work.This is a very frequently committed mistake where people happen to hire their stylist based on the status of the interviews given. Such a decision should not be taken unless you are pretty sure. Even though the stylist might be able to speak up during an interview, but not necessary would do the work as needed. We all tend to think about all the aspects of life in a positive manner but sometimes it does not go according to the planned schedule, hence the client should not worry but act with patience and always be ready for unexpected.